NKRI Youth and Foodbank of Indonesia (FOI) have successfully completed the "AKSI 1000 Bunda untuk Indonesia” initiative aiming to prevent child hunger, led by SVP and Project Manager, Ardian Sukamdani and Presley Martono. The initiative ran throughout the beginning of November of last year up until 4 December 2020, during which both organizations met up to distribute the food packages. The project was initiated by FOI to raise awareness towards child hunger in the 15 cities/districts in Indonesia, with a target of helping 50.000 children.


Based on the 2019 Global Hunger Index, child hunger in Indonesia is still rampant; Indonesia’s prevalence of stunting is ranked 4th in the world. Coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, this concerning situation gives rise to the possibility of a generation to be lost. Hence, the high figure of Indonesia’s stunting prevalence encouraged NKRI Youth to take part in fighting this threat. 


UNICEF estimates that the number of children suffering from acute malnutrition is predicted to increase by 15% (7 million) worldwide in the first 1 year of the COVID-19 pandemic if we do not take action. Moreover, FOI Survey Results (conducted in August 2020 in 14 areas) show that 27% of children under five go to school on an empty stomach as they do not eat before noon. In other areas,, the figure may reach up to 40-50%.


"This collaborative program is also part of NKRI Youth Peduli, our Community Outreach program which promotes hands-on involvement. In this case, NKRI Youth not only provides information and research, but also immerses ourselves in the situation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Bernard Vega, Co-Founder of NKRI Youth.


NKRI Youth is an organization engaged in the youth sector that actively collects and presents informative content through infographics, photos, and videos. Bernard stated that this collaborative action with FOI was a tangible result of its outreach program.


Khodijah, as the social program officer of FOI, also thanked NKRI Youth for being willing to help and collaborate with FOI to collect donations and distribute food packages to children in need.


"Thank you to NKRI Youth for providing the necessary food package. Hopefully the food items will be useful for children who deserve it, and our partnership will continue into the future, "he said.


This collaboration is a reminder that that widening food access for children is imperative in order for the nation's generations to grow and develop optimally. FOI provides access to nutritious food in 15 regional points, including Bandung, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Jakarta, Tangerang, Yogyakarta, Lampung, Lombok, Malang, Palembang, Pandeglang, Semarang, Solo and Surabaya.