Selamat datang! The NKRI Youth team is so glad you’re here. 


We’re a group of passionate Indonesian youth residing across the globe. But we all share a similar background - a childhood in Indonesia. Growing up, we looked around and recognized the pressing issues in our country - increasingly alarming air & water pollution, traffic locks, poverty & unemployment, just to name a few. As we grew older, we grew more aware of more - inflation, lack of inclusion in spaces, and a staggering imbalance in wealth and access to information and healthcare. 


We were always told that this was normal. That this was how the country is, has been, and will be. That this was something we simply had to accept. Here at NKRI Youth, we strongly disagree. Our founders stepped back and identified the biggest problem in our country: a lack of youth infiltration, presence, and representation in places that mattered most. This problem led us to the basis of our solution: bringing the strong voices, the educated minds, and the bright ideas of Indonesia’s youth to light. To where it matters most. 


Here, we don’t believe that the pressing issues created from past actions leave us powerless, we believe they provide us with the knowledge to go learn and go further. We don’t believe that the youth are leaders of the future. We believe that they are the leaders of today.


Our research database is accessible to anyone with the internet. 

Our community outreach acts where it’s needed most in our society and fosters collaboration between experts and individuals, talents and talents. 

Our digital platforms provide pivotal, thought-provoking information. 

NKRI Youth stands as a channel, platform, and amplifier for all of Indonesia’s youth. We strive for real change. We know you are too, and we’re here to take strides in the journey with you. 


If our story resonates with you and you’re here to bring the Indonesia of our dreams to reality today, join us through our

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